Choosing the right frameworks and approach for each project

  • Project Goals – what is the goal of the project and why has it been set?
  • Stakeholders – who are the project stakeholders, what are their goals for this project, what does the RACI matrix look like?
  • Research – which research activities should we do / has been done / what is missing?
  • Innovation / BAU – are we innovating or improving?
  • Prototype & Testing – how much detail do we need to test, how often can we test and what kinds of testing shall we do?
  • Minimum Viable Outcome – what is the smallest thing we need to deliver to test the outcome we are looking for?
  • KPIs – what does success look like and how are we going to measure it?
  • Development – how are we going to develop this project – which teams need to be involved – agile or waterfall or a bit of both?


Research – Insight – Ideate – Test – Iterate – Launch – Measure


Discovery & Research

I aim to triangulate findings to ensure they are robust using a variety of research methods and frameworks both qualitative and quantitative. From Jobs to Be Done to analytics and testing the analysis provides key insights that enable innovation to happen.

Omni Channel Research

Design Thinking & Sprints

Design thinking, design sprints and swarms solve problems in a collaborative environment – they are an excellent way to innovate, build team understanding and help projects get back on track. The value of the outcome is directly related to the quality of the insight.



Ideas start as hand drawn sketches. Paper prototypes help quickly outline the initial structure of a solution, fast to edit and by their nature loose in design, they help kick start the discussion. Interactive, responsive Axure prototypes help test ideas with users quickly and iterate before design starts.

Coventry Building Society

Usability Testing

From making sure you recruit the right users to understanding their journeys, building scenarios and writing test scripts designed to explore the issues at hand are the essential ingredients to a successful user testing session. Post test analysis and prioritised recommendations ensure the most important findings are dealt with first.


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